stosowanych w informatyce i bankowości
Oprac. dr Zygmunt Ryznar

a.a.r. against all risks lub all and any risk

ABB Activity Based Budgeting

ABC Activity Based Costing

ABI Applications Binary Interface

ABM Activity Based Management

A.C. American Conditions

a/c account

ACD Automatic Call/Contact Distribution

ACH Automated Clearing House

ACID Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability

ack. acknowledgement

ACM Association of Computing Machinery

A/cs Pay,a/cs pay accounts payable

ADMS Advance Device Messaging Standard (standard firmy VISA)

ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

a.g.b. any good brand

AGP Accelerated Graphics Port

AI Artificial Intelligence

AIBD Association of International Bond Dealers

AIIM The Association for Information and Image Management

ANN Artificial Neural Network

ALM Assets Liabilities Management

ANSI American National Standard Institute

API Application Program Interface

APPC Advanced Program-to-Program Communication

APPN Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking

APR Annual Percentage Rate

APS Advanced Planning & Scheduling

asap as soon as possible

ARAD Architected RAD

ARP Address Resolution Protocol

ASAP Accelerated SAP

ASMP Asymmetric Multi Processing

ASP Application Services Provider lub

ASP Active Server Page

ATA Advanced Technology Attachment

ATAPI ATA Package Interface

ATE Asynchronous Terminal Emulator

ATM Automatic Teller Machine (bankomat) lub Asynchronous Transfer Mode (tryb transmisji asynchronicznej)

atp available to promise

B2B Business to Business

BB Betabajt (1000 TB ) lub bill book

BBSC Business Balanced ScoreCard

B.D. bank draft

B.E. bill of exchange

BI Business Intelligence

BIC Bank Identifier Code

BIPS Billion Instructions Per Second (mld instrukcji na sek. - 1000 MIPS)

BIS Bank for International Settlements (Bank rozrachunkowy w Bazylei-Szwajcaria) lub

Business Intelligence System lub Business Information System

bit Binary digiT

B/L bill of lading

BLOB Binary Large OBject

BNA Burroughs Network Architecture

BPR Business Processes Reengineering lub Business Process Redesign

BSC Balanced ScoreCard

BSD Berkeley Software Definition/Distribution

B/V book value

c.a.d. cash against documents

CAAT Computer Assisted Audit Techniques

CAD Computer Aided Design lub Capital Adequacy Directive (EU regulations) lub cash against documents

CAGR Compound Annual Growth Rate

CAE Common Application Environment lub Computer Aided Engineering

CAFE Conditional Access For Europe

CAPE Collaborative Art-to-Product Engineering Environment

CAPM Capital Assets Pricing Model

CART Classification And Regression Trees

CASE Computer Aided Software Engineering

c.b.d. cash before delivery

CCITT fr . Comite Consultatif International Telegraphique et Telephonique

( w 1993 r. przemianowany na TSS)

CD. Certificate of Deposit

CDE Cooperative Development Environment lub Common Desk Environment

CDM Conceptual Data Model

CDPD Cellular Digital Packet Data

CD-ROM Compact Disk - Read Only Memory

CDW Corporate Data Warehouse

CEMEA Central Europe Middle East Africa

CEO Company Executive Officer

CEQ Credit equivalent factor

CHAID CHi squared Automatic Interaction Detection

CHAPS Clearing House Automated Payments System

CHIPS Clearing House Interbank Payment System

CGI Common Gateway Interface

CFP Contingency Funding Plan

CIF Customer Information File

c.i.f cost, insurance, freight

CIM Computer Integrated Manufacturing

CIO Chief Information Officer

CIS Customer Information System lub Contact Image Sensor

CISC Complex Instruction Set Computing

CIT Computer Integrated Telephony

CIX Commercial Internet eXchange

CLNP ConnectionLess Network Protocol

CLS Continuous Linked Settlement

CMIP Common Management Information Protocol

CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor lub

CMOs Collateralised Mortgage Obligations

CMP Celluar MultiProcessing

COD Cash On Delivery

CODASYL the COnference on DAta Systems Languages

COLD Computer Output on Laser-Disk

COM Component Object Model lub Computer Output on Microfilm

CORBA Common Request Broker Architecture

COS Corporation for Open Systems

COSE Common Open Software Environment

CPE Customer Premises Equipment (terminal abonencki)

CRC Credit Risk Capital

CRMS Customer Relations Management System

CRM Customer Relationship Management

CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection

CSMS Cylink Security Management System

CTI Computer Telephony Integration

CTO Chief Technology Officer

CTX Corporate Trade eXchange

c.v.d. cash versus documents

D/A documents against acceptance

DAC Discretionary Access Control

DAT Digital Audio Tape

DCOM Distributed Component Object Model ( standard archit.klient-serwer firmy Microsoft)

DDA Demand Draft Account (rachunek a vista )

DDE Dynamic Data Exchange

DBMS Data Base Management System (SZBD System Zarządzania Bazą Danych )

DeaR Daily Earning at Risk

DES Data Encryption Standard

DCE Data Circuit Terminating Equipment lub Distributed Computing Environment lub

Distributed Communication Environment lub Domestic Credit Expansion

DDA Direct Demand Account

DDE Dynamic Data Exchange

DEC Digital Equipment Corporation

DESD Data Elements and Service Definition

DIMM Dual Inline Memory Module

DME Distributed Management Environment

DMS Document Management System

DNA Digital Network Architecture

DNS Domain Name System/Service/Server (w Internecie)

DoS Denial of Service

DOS Disk Operating System

DRDA Distributed Relational Database Architecture

DSA Dynamic Scalable Architecture lub Digital Signature Algorithm

DSS Decision Support System lub Digital Signature Standard

DTD Document Type Definition

DTE Data Terminal Equipment)

DV Digital Video

DVD Digital Versatile Disk, Digital Video Disc

DVD RE DVD Rewritable

DVI Digital Video Interactive

DW Data Warehouse

EAS Eagle Architecture Specification

EB Exabyte (1000 PB)

EC European Community

ECB European Central Bank

ECL Emitter-Coupled Logic

EBRD European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

ECMA European Computer Manufactures Asscociation

EDF Expected Default Frequency

EDI Electronic Data Interchange

EDIFACT Electronic Data Interchange for Administration Commerce and Transport

EDW Enterprise Data Warehouse

EDGE Enhanced Data GSM Evolution

EEBCC Eastern Europe Banking Competence Centre

ESF European Securities Forum

EFT Electronic Funds Transfer

EFTA European Free Trade Area

EI Executive Information

EIDE Enhanced Integrated Device Electronics

EIS Executive Information System lub Enterprise-wide Information System lub Enterprise Intelligent System

EISA Enhanced Industry Standard Architecture

EFTPOS Electronic Funds Transfer at Point-of-Sale

EFTS Electronic Funds Transfer System

EISA Extended Industry System Architecture

EJB Entity Java Beans

EMEA Europe Middle East Africa

EMU European Monetary Union

E.& O. E. Errors and Omissions Excepted

ERM Enterprise Relationship Management

ERP Enterprise Resource Planning

ESP Encapsulating Security Payload

ETC Electronic Trade Confirmation

ETL Extraction Transformation Loading

EUC End User Computing

FAA Financial Application Architecture

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

FAS Financial Accounting Standards

FCY Foreign Currency Yield

fcy frequency lub financial year

FDDI Fiber Distributed Data Interface

EISA Extended Industry Standard Architecture

FAST Federation Against Software Theft

FBA Financial Business Architecture

FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard/Specification

FLOPS Float point Operations per Second

FRA Forward Rate Agreement

FRAD Frame Relay Access Device

FRP Frames Per Second

FRS Forward Rate Swap

FSTC Financial Services Transfer Consortium

FTMA Fault Tolerant Machine Architecture

FTP File Transfer Protocol lub Funds Transfer Pricing

FTSA Fault Tolerant System Architecture

FVR Found Valuation Rate

FX ForeX (Foreign eXchange)

GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

GB GigaByte - miliard bajtów (1000MB)

GL General Ledger

GNP Gross National Product

GPRS General Packet Radio Service

GPS Global Positionning Satellite

GSM Groupe Speciale Mobile

GUI Graphic User Interface (Graficzne łącze użytkownika) lub

Globally Unique Identifier (w DCOM)

HBCI Home Banking Computer Interface

HDLC High-Level Data Link Protocol

HDML Handheld Devices Mark-up Language

HSCSD High Speed Circuit Switched Data

HSM Hierarchical Storage Management

HCR Handprint Character Recognition

HDLC High Level Data Link Control

HLLAPI High Level Language Application Program Interface

HMP Head-Mounted Display (VR)

HNS Hughes Network System

H.O. Head Office

HOLAP Hybrid OnLine Analytical Processing

HP Hewlett Packard

HPC Handheld PC (komputer podręczny palmtop)

HTML Hyper Text Markup Language

HTTP Hyper Text Transfer/Transport Protocol (protokół transportu w Internecie)

HUD Heads Up Display (VR)

IASC International Accounting Standards Committee

IBAN International Bank Account Number

IBM International Business Machines

ICC International Chamber of Commerce

ICE Internet Commerce Enabled

IDC International Data Corp. lub International Depository & Clearing

IDE Integrated Development Environment

IDEA International Data Encryption Algorithm

IDL Interface Definition Language

IEEE Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers

IFT Interbank File Transfer

IFW Information FrameWork

IIOP Internet Inter-ORB Protocol

IIS Internet Information Server/Service

IISP Interim Inter-switch Signalling Protocol

IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol

IMS Information Management System lub Internet Mail System

I.O.U. I owe you

IP Internet Protocol

IPX Internetwork Packet eXchange

IRA Individual Retirement Account

IRC Internet Relay Chat

IRS Internal Revenue Service lub Interest Rate Swap

IS Information System

ISA Industry Standard Architecture

ISAPI Internet Service API

ISBN Integrated Satellite Business Network (HNS)

ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network

ISMA International Securities Market Association

ISO International Standard Organisation

ISP Internet Service Provider

ISV Independent Software Vendor

IT Information Technology

ITSEC Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria

ITT Invitation To Tender ( zaproszenie do udziału w przetargu)

ITV Interactive TV

IVR Interactive Voice Response

IWR Interactive Web Response

JAD Joint Application Design

JDBC Java DataBase Connection

JDK Java Development Kit

JIT Just In Time

JNDI Java Naming and Directory Interface

JRP Joint Requiremnents Planning

JVM Java Virtual Machine

KB KiloByte (tysiąc bajtów)

KDD Knowledge Discovery in Data

KM Knowledge Management

KR Knowledge Retrieval

L/A Letter of Authority

LAN Local Areas Network (sieć lokalna)

LAT Local Area Terminal Access

L/C Letter of Credit (Akredytywa)

LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Control

LEQ Loss Equivalent

LGD Loss Given Default

LIBOR London Interbank Offered Rate

LIED Loss In Event of Default

LLC Limited Liability Company

LTCM Long Term Capital Management

LTV Life Time Value

M&A Merge&Aquisition

MAC Mandatory Access Control (poziom zabezpieczenia) lub

Media Access Control (warstwa w LAN) lub

Message Authentication Code

MAN Metropolitan Area Network (sieci metropolitalne/miejskie)

MAPI Messaging API

MB MegaByte (milion bajtów)

Mb MegaBit (milion bitów)

Mbps MegaBits Per Second

MDA Multiple Discriminant Analysis

MDBMS Multidimentional DBMS

MDDBMS Multidimentional DBMS

MDD Multidimentional Data Base

MD OLAP Multidimentional OLAP

Mflops Mega floating point operations per second (milion operacji zmiennoprzecinkowych na sek.)

MHS Message Handling System

MIB Management Information Base

MIDI Musical Instruments Digital Interface

MIME Multipurpose Internet Message/Mail Extensions

MIPS Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages (Procesor typu RISC)

lub Million Instructions Per Second

MIS Management Information System (System Informowania Kierownictwa)

MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MLS Multilevel Security

MOM Messaging Oriented Middleware

MOLAP Multidimentional OLAP

MPP Massively Parallel Processing

MRP Material Requirements Planning, MRP II - Manufacturing Resource Planning

MSN MicroSoft Network

MSP Massively Parallel

MTBF Mean Time Between Failures (średni czas międzyawaryjny)

MTM Mark-To-Market

MTS Microsoft Transaction Server

MUD Multiple User Dungeons (VR)

MVS Multiple Virtual Storage (system operacyjny mainframe’ów firmy IBM)

NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement

NAS Network-Attach Storage

NC Network Computer

NCA Network Computing Architecture

(architektura przetwarzania sieciowego zaproponowana przez firmę ORACLE )

NCSC National Computer Security Center

NDS Novell Directory Services

NetBEUI NetBios Extended User Interface

NIR Net Interest Return

NIST US National Institute of Standards and Technology

NMI Net Margin Interest

NOS Network Operating System ( Sieciowy System Operacyjny )

nsf not sufficient funds

NSF National Science Foundation

NSM Networked Systems Management

NUMA NonUniform Memory Access (w architekturze wieloprocesorowej SMP)

OAS Option-Adjusted Spread

OAVaR Option Adjusted VaR

OCR Optical Character Recognition

ODAM Open Distributed Application Model

ODBC Open Data Base Connectivity (Standard Microsoftu dotyczący dostępu SQL)

ODS Operating/Operational Data Store

OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer

OFX Open Financial Exchange

OLAP On-Line Analytical Processing

OLE Object Linking & Embedding

OLE DB OLE Data Base (Standard Microsoftu dotyczący dostępu do baz danych SQL Server)

OLTP On-Line Transaction Processing

OO Object Oriented

ORB Object Request Broker

ORPC Object Remote Procedure Call

OSA Open Solution Architecture

OSF Open Software Foundation

OSI Open System Interconnection (Standard warstwowego systemu sieciowego ISO)

OSPF Open Shortest Path First

OTC Over-The -Counter (transakcja OTC - transakcja okienkowa)

OTS Off-The-Shelf (rozwiązanie gotowe do stosowania - prosto “z półki” )

P2P Peer-to-peer

payg pay-as-you-grow

PAM Process Analysis Method

PAWWS Portfolio Accounting World-Wide Service

PAX Private Automatic eXchange

PB PetaBajt (1000 TB)PBR Personal Banking Representatives

PBX Private Branch eXchange

PC Personal Computer lub Profit Center

PCM Plug-Compatible Mainframe

PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

PCT Private Communication Technology

PDA Personal Digital Assistant

PDM Physical Data Model lub Product Data Management

PDN Public Data Network

PDU Protocol Data Unit

PES Personal Earth Station (stacja nadziemna w łączności satelitarnej )

PFD Process Flow Diagram

PHP Personal Home Page

PIN Personal Identity Number

PIR Protocol Independent Routing

PDA Personal Digital Assistant

PKI Public Key Infrastructure

plc public limited company

PNNI Private Network to Network Interface

PnP Plug and Play

POP3 Post Office Protocol - version 3

POR Payment Order Received

POS Point Of Sale lub Payment Order Sent

POSIX Portable Operating System Interface for Computer Environments

RAID Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive/Independent Disks

RDBMS Relational DBMS

PGP Pretty Good Privacy

PPP Point to Point Protocol

PSA Persistent staging area

PSDN Packet Switched Data Network

PTT Public Telephone and Telecommunications

PVP Payment Versus Payment

RAB Resource Account Budgeting

RAD Rapid Application Development

RACF Resource Access Control Facility (IBM)

RATE Remote Access To Experts

RAID Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks

RAROC Risk Adjusted Return On Capital

RDD Replaceable Data Driver

REPOS REPurchased OptionS

RFI Request for Information

RFP Request for Proposal

RIP Routing Information Protocol

RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computing

RJE Remote Job Entry

RLN Remote Lan Node

RMI Remote Method Invocation

RMT Risk Management Technologies

ROE Return On Equity

ROCE Return On Capital Employed

ROA Return On Assets

ROI Return On Investment

ROLAP Relational OLAP

RPC Remote Procedure Call (zdalne wywołanie procedury )

RPL Remote Program Load

RSA klucz szyfrowania danych (od nazwisk Rivest R., Shamir A., Adleman L.)

RSI Relative Strength Index

R.S.V.P. repondez s'il vous plait

RTGS Real Time Gross Settlement

SAA System Application Architecture

SAK Swift Authentication Code

SAN System Area Network

SAP Swift Access Point lub nazwa niemieckiej firmy software’owej SAP AG

SBSC Swift Binary Synchronous Communication

SCSI Small Computer Systems Interface

SCO Santa Cruz Operation

SDK Software Development Kit

SDLC System Development Life Cycle

SDRAM Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory

SDW Scalable Data Warehouse

SEMMA Sampling Exploration Manipulation Modelling Assesement (SAS Data Mining Processes)

SEMPER Secure Electronic Marketplace for Europe

SET Secure Electronic Transaction (protokół finansowych transakcji w internecie)

sg signature, signed

SGC Server Gated Cryptography

SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language


SIC Standard Industry Classification

SIG Special Interest Group

SIM Subscriber Identity Module

SIMM Single Inline Memory Module

SIS Secure Internet Service

SMDS Switched Multimegabit Data Service

SMP Symmetric Multi Processing

SMPT Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SNA System Network Architecture (w systemach sieciowych IBM) lub Secure Nash Algorithm

SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol

SPX Sequenced Packed eXchange

SPICE Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination

SQA Software Quality Automation lub

Software Quality Assurance

SQL Structured Query Language

SSH Secure SHell

SSI Standing Settllement Instructions

SSL Secure Socket Layer)

SSO Single Sign-On

STN SWIFT Transport Network

STP Straight Through Processing

STS SWIFT Terminal Services

SUGI SAS Users Group International

SEUGI SAS European User Group International

SVID System V Interface Definition (standard Unixa)

SVPN Secure Virtual Private Networks

SWIFT Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications

SWOT Strength Weaknesses Opportunities Treats

TARGET Trans-European Automated Real-time Gross-settlement Express Transfer

TB Terabyte (1000GB, bilion bajtów)

TBSS Think Big Start Small

TBT Technology Based Training

TCO Total Cost of Ownership

TCP/IP Transport (Transmission) Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

TCSEC Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria

TEM Technology Enabled Marketing

TOC Theory of Constraints lub Table of Contents

TOD time of delivery

TQM Total Quality Management

TPA Trade Partner Agreement

TPC Transaction Processing Performance Council

TPM Transaction Processing Monitor

tpm Transactions Per Minute

tps Transactions Per Second

TRB Treasury Bill

TSR Terminate and Stay Resident

TSS Telecommunications Standardization Sector (do 1993r - CCITT)

TTS Transaction Tracking System (system śledzenia transakcji) lub Text To Speech

UAOS User Alliance for Open Systems

UCE Unsolicited Commercial Email

UCP Uniform Customs and Practice for documentary credit (ujednolicone reguły dla akredytyw)

UDMA Ultra Direct Memory Access

UI Unix International (organizacja ) lub

user interface

UML Universal Modeling Language

URC Uniform Rules of Collection (ujednolicone reguły dla inkasa eksportowego i importowego)

URI Uniform Resource Identifier

URL Uniform Resource Locator

USB Universal Serial Bus

USL Unix System Laboratories

UUID Universal Unique IDentifier

VAP Value Added Process

VAR Vertical Application Reseller lub Value Added Reseller

VaR Value at Risk

VAT, V.A.T. value-added tax

VIR Visual Information Retrieval

VLAN Virtual LAN

VLM Very Large Memory

VoIP Voice over IP

VPDN Virtual Private Data Network

VPN Virtual Private Network

VPS Vertical Packaged Solution

VR Virtual Reality

VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language

VSA Virtual Server Architecture

VSAT Very Small Aperture Terminal ( terminal w łącznosci satelitarnej )

VSP Vertical Services Provider

W3C World Wide Web Consortium

WAIS Wide Area Information System

WAN Wide Area Network (sieć rozległa)

WAP Wireless Application Protocol

WBEM Web Based Enterprise Management

WIBID Warsaw Interbank BID rate

WIBOR Warsaw Interbank Offered Rate

WLAN Wireless LAN

WFM Work Flow Management lub Wired for Management

WML Wireless Markup Language

WoW Window on World (w technologii VR)

WOLAP Web OLAP (Olap poprzez przeglądarki internetowe)

WWW World Wide Web

WORM Write - Once - Read - Many (typ dysków optycznych)

WTP Wireless Transaction Protocol

WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get (to co widzisz na ekranie, pojawi się na wydruku)

XDCS X/OPEN Distributed Computing Services

XIP eXecute-In-Place (typ karty PCMCIA)

XML eXtensible Markup Language

XMP X/OPEN Management Protocol

YER Yearly Effective Rate (of interest)