What it is

Minimyth2 is dedicated PXE boot image designed to turnaround small-factor computers like Intel NUC, Nvidia ION or AMD APU (Brazos/Kabini/etc), into disk-less, zero-effort provisioned, network booted MythTV frontend appliance. From the software perspective, Minimyth2 is MythTV frontend with minimal required run-time and video/audio/IR remote drivers allowing to run MythTV frontend with full speed & features on recent hardware from Intel/AMD/Nvidia.  

Project Goals

Major goals of this project are:

  1. PunktorMake MythTV frontend zero-effort setup/deployment. Setup of MythTV frontend might be as simple as enabling PXE boot in frontend’s BIOS/EFI.

  2. PunktorMake graphics/sound/IR remote detection/configuration fully automatic. No any drivers install nor configuration is required for any from 1100+ of graphic supported. The same for audio and IR remotes.

  3. PunktorMake easy adoption of recent technology achievements like Intel NUC, Nvidia ION or AMD APU (Brazos/Kabini/etc) as hardware base for dedicated MythTV appliance. Project is exploiting recent developments in GNU/Linux area like i.e. Mesa3D/Gallium, Intel SNA/Glamor for video hardware decode, in-kernel IR remote decode for covering as wide as possible variety of supported IR remotes

What it is not

Minimyth2 is not yet another Linux distro which is designed to install on PC  hardware and to used as computer running various software. Target scenario with Minmyth2 is small, disk-less appliance running MythTV Frontend (and only MythTV Frontend).


Welcome to SMALL DEDICATED Mythtv FrontenD