PACS–2006 codes:
14.60.St Non-standard-model neutrinos, etc.
12.60.-i Models beyond the standard model
12.90.+b Miscellaneous theoretical ideas and models

Keywords: Particle physics; elementary particles; interactions; compositeness; fundamental components; non-standard model; phenomenology; unification; lepton number violation; quarks; flavor; leptons; hadrons; baryons; mesons; non-standard neutrinos; strangeness; charm; bottomness; isospin; conservation; inversion;

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An alternative model
of particle composition and interactions

Posted: June 15, 2009.

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The Author's CV:   I was born in 1933 in Czechoslovakia. After graduation at Brno University in 1956 I worked till 1972 in the Institute of Nuclear Physics in Řež near Prague, Czechoslovakia. In 1968 I got there my PhD. degree. From 1972 till 1993 I worked in the Institute of Nuclear Physics in Cracow, Poland. My work was in nuclear spectroscopy and in applications of nuclear methods in various branches of science. I participated as a coauthor in more than 100 published papers. I am neither a theorist nor a particle expert. Particle composition is just my hobby. Nevertheless, what I found was a big surprise to me. Therefore I am convinced that the findings presented here deserve attention.

Papers related to the subject of special relativity

Posted: September 2, 2013.

Remarks on Foundations of Physics (PDF, 10 pages, 63 kB)
On the Alternative Interpretation of Special Relativity (PDF, 24 pages, 161 kB)
The Principle of Relativity and the Ether (PDF, 5 pages, 71 kB)

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Some background of the papers on special relativity (HTML)

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